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Insurance with a drug driving conviction

Driving, attempting to drive or being in charge of a vehicle with any specified controlled drug in your system that exceeds the maximum legal limit for that drug is a criminal offence.

It is also a criminal offence to drive, attempt to drive or be in charge of a vehicle while you are unfit through any drug if that drug impairs your ability to drive that vehicle.

A drug driving related conviction will inevitably lead to an endorsement on your driving licence by the DVLA. This can make getting back on the road after a drug driving ban a stressful and costly experience.

Drivers with criminal convictions such as drug driving may struggle to find affordable insurance cover once they have served their ban.

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How much will drug driving insurance cost?

The make and model of the vehicle you are looking to insure, the vehicles security, your driving record, your personal details, any criminal and/or motoring convictions and where you live are all factors that affect the price you pay for insuring your vehicle.

Having a drug driving endorsement on your driving licence will usually result in an increased cost for insurance, this is because insurers will deem you a higher risk to insure.

The exact cost will vary greatly between insurers and that is why you should shop around and obtain insurance quotes from different sources.

Some insurance companies will simply refuse to insure you and others will increase the premiums so much that taking out insurance with them is simply not affordable.

There are insurance companies who actually specialise in providing affordable non-standard high risk insurance for convicted drug drivers.

Get a quote above and your details will be passed onto several convicted driver insurance specialists who will all provide you with their best quote.

How long do I need to declare a drug driving conviction to insurers?

A drug driving conviction will need to be declared to insurers for a period of 5 years from the date you were convicted of the drug driving offence.

All driving licence endorsements have a 5 year rehabilitation period under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 before they are classed as 'spent'.

When convictions become spent you are no longer required to declare them to insurance companies when asked about convictions while obtaining insurance quotes.

The 5 year rehabilitation period will still apply even if the endorsement in question only remains on your driving licence for 4 years as is the case for being in charge of a motor vehicle while having a drug in your system above the legal limit.

Unlock has an informative Motoring convictions and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act guide that can provide more information on driving offences and rehabilitation periods under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Drug Driving Conviction Endorsement Codes

Below is a list of drug driving offences and the codes DVLA use when endorsing a driving licence upon conviction of a drug driving offence.

Some drug driving DVLA endorsements remain on a driving licence for 11 years while some will remain on a driving licence for 4 years.

You must declare all endorsements to insurance companies for a period of 5 years when obtaining insurance quotes regardless of the period of time an endorsement will remain on a driving licence.

Drug driving - DVLA endorsement codes
(the following licence endorsements remain on driving licence 11 years from date of conviction)
DG10Driving or attempting to drive with drug level above specified legal limit3 - 11 points
DG60Causing death by careless driving with drug level above specified legal limit3 - 11 points
DR80Driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs3 - 11 points
(the following licence endorsements remain on driving licence 4 years from date of offence or from date of conviction if a disqualification is imposed)
DG40In charge of a vehicle while drug level above specified legal limit10 points
DR90In charge of a vehicle when unfit through drugs10 points